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Formula Dé

Board games Posted on 20 Feb, 2010 15:10:46

This week we had some friends over and we played Formula Dé – a Formula 1 racing game. Mattias won both on Magny Cours and on Monza. smiley

Portobello market

Board games Posted on 09 Aug, 2009 09:03:33

This weekend we have some friends visiting us. In the evenings (after the kids have gone to bed) we play board games. Friday night we played “Niagara” (see earlier blog entry for review) and yesterday we tried “Portobello market” for the first time.

The game was ok to play but lacked something to make it exciting. There wasn’t any real competition between players during gameplay, instead every player played his/her own game and in the end the score was tallied and someone was named the winner. This is not a game that will be among the top choices when we feel like playing a board game in the future.


Board games Posted on 04 Jul, 2009 09:12:30

Yesterday we had some friends over and we tried out a new board game we’d bought. It is called “Niagara” and was “Game of the year” last year.

The object of the game is to collect jewels along a river without falling down a waterfall. It seems easy at first, but it’s hard to predict the speed of the water and to fight the current. It’s a quick game (when we got the hang of it) and it’s full of action. Recommended!