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Living Posted on 20 Jun, 2012 20:16:40

En solig vårdag bestämde vi oss för att ta oss igenom Skurugata, en ravin i närheten av Eksjö. Det var jobbigt, speciellt för lille Neo, men vi tog oss fram.

Nytt hus

Living Posted on 30 Apr, 2012 16:31:58

Idag skrev vi på köpekontraktet för en villa i Jönköping. Flyttar in gör vi i början av augusti som det ser ut nu.


Living Posted on 30 Oct, 2011 14:40:31

This little fellow flew into one of our windows the other day. Jenny picked it up and put it into a cardboard box. The children watched over it for a long time and in the end it recovered and flew away on new adventures.


Living Posted on 23 Aug, 2011 21:35:52

On the last day of my vacation we visited an old ruin outside of Jönköping, called Brahehus. It was a tough walk up the hill to the castle, but the view was worth it.


Living Posted on 23 Aug, 2011 21:09:46

During my vacation I took the kids to Skurugata, a local ravine. It was hard going carrying Neo most of the way, but we all had a good time.


Living Posted on 27 Apr, 2011 21:52:23

Spring – finally!

Living Posted on 01 Apr, 2011 20:20:44

Looks like the spring is finally here.


Living Posted on 20 Feb, 2011 22:32:36

Last week we went to a nearby waterfall, called ‘Stalpet’. It was really beautiful with lots of ice covering parts of it.

Winter vacation

Living Posted on 16 Jan, 2011 12:24:37

Some pictures from our winter vacation (including Christmas):

Happy new year!

Living Posted on 31 Dec, 2010 17:26:34

Merry Christmas!

Living Posted on 22 Dec, 2010 21:51:02

It’s autumn

Living Posted on 07 Nov, 2010 16:55:19


Living Posted on 07 Nov, 2010 16:50:52

It’s fun to wait in line…

Flea market in Vetlanda

Living Posted on 31 Aug, 2010 19:31:57

Last weekend we rented a spot at the yearly flea market in Vetlanda.

We brought lots of old things that we no longer used and had a very nice day. I was managing the stall while Andreas was busy herding the boys around. This time we actually sold more than we bought – yay us! smiley

Some of our old stuff made people very happy, very happy indeed. A young woman walked away with an old coat, hugging it tight to her chest and a huge smile on her face and an older woman actually shed a tear when she bought Joxer’s and Neo’s old suits that they wore as babies. It turned out that she was running some kind of Americana exhibition and was gonna use the suits in the display.

Kleva gruva

Living Posted on 22 Jul, 2010 19:56:40

Yesterday I took the kids to Kleva gruva, an old mine. It was hard work carrying Neo through the low tunnels (luckily we had helmets), but in the end we made it to the outside again – dirty and exhausted.


Living Posted on 16 Jul, 2010 21:34:52

Today I took the kids on a little trip to a nearby waterfall.


Living Posted on 16 Jul, 2010 21:29:17

Today we picked up our “new” car. Now when Jenny works in Jönköping we needed a second car and in the end we (I) fell for a Toyota Aygo, manufactured in 2008 and with 53000 km on the meter. A cute little car that feels quite big on the inside.

Bike trip

Living Posted on 04 May, 2010 11:33:36

As Joxer has now learnt to ride his bike we decided to take a little bike trip. We rode through the woods, bought ice cream and relaxed by the nearby lake.


Living Posted on 06 Apr, 2010 15:29:54

Finally! smiley

Our hedge

Living Posted on 20 Mar, 2010 18:01:52

Our hedge had been destroyed by all the snow that has fallen this year. Now, as the snow is melting away, the damage can be seen. Broken branches everywhere…

Snow on the roof

Living Posted on 27 Feb, 2010 16:20:16

I’m afraid of heights, but in the end I had to get up on the roof of our house to clear away some of the snow that has fallen.

Joxer thought that it looked really exciting and also wanted to get up on the roof. Thinking that he wouldn’t dare I said yes, but to my surprise he climbed all the way up and then stayed on the roof and helped me with the snow clearing. smiley

Snow, snow, snow

Living Posted on 20 Feb, 2010 15:15:50

This winter it has snowed more than any other year we have lived in our house. There is so much snow now that even Joxer finds it annoying – he and I tried to walk around the house today, but had to abort with shoes and pants filled with snow. smiley

Happy new year!

Living Posted on 01 Jan, 2010 00:37:57

Christmas tree 2009

Living Posted on 30 Nov, 2009 15:31:05

This year Joxer wanted us to get the cristmas decorations out before his birthday so we have already decorated the tree. It became quite pretty, if I may say so myself.

A walk in the rain

Living Posted on 25 Oct, 2009 22:42:52

Yesterday we took a small walk through the cemetary we live close to. Neo was really good and walked almost the whole way – although sometimes in the wrong direction. Joxer borrowed our camera and took some nice pictures:


Living Posted on 18 Oct, 2009 15:00:41

Today it was time to clear the garden of all the leaves that have fallen. Luckily I had some help from Joxer.

A gift from the birds

Living Posted on 19 Sep, 2009 19:01:54

Last winter we fed the birds a mixture of seeds. One of the seeds fell down between the bricks in our driveway and in the spring it took root. Now it has grown into a small but beautiful sunflower.

Busy weekend

Living Posted on 30 Aug, 2009 19:23:43

For once we had a very busy weekend.

On Saturday we started of by going to Vetlanda and visit their yearly flea market. Andreas found lots of music CD’s and Joxer bought a few more parts for his toy car racing track – it now covers the entire floor of his room. I found a new handbag at the outdoor clearance of one of the local stores, only to find out that they have forgotten to remove the anti-theft device pinned to it. As it is now I don’t dare to use it – I will have to take it back to the store next time we visit Vetlanda.

After Vetlanda we drove to Hultsfred and their yearly market. We didn’t find anything of interest to buy and the sky opened up on top of us…bleh!

On our way home from Hultsfred we took the time to visit Pauliström, where we used to live before moving to Eksjö. We visited Martin and Maria and had a nice little chat.

On Sunday (today) we had Jenny, Sonny and their two children Ellen and Axel over for dinner. We had a nice time, discussing everything from the financial crisis to disappointing camping trips.


Living Posted on 18 Aug, 2009 18:19:18

When we removed the box we stored wood in from the back of our house we decided to do something else with it. So we rebuilt it into a playhouse for the kids. We also had some old paint in the garage, which made it a little more pretty, and some leftover furniture, so the end result was pretty good.

Flat tire

Living Posted on 15 Aug, 2009 19:42:16

Today when we were going to the store the car sounded strange and we discovered a flat tire. So our trip came to an end. Ít took two hours before we could continue (the wheel just would not come off), but luckily we were close to home so the kids could play in the meantime. All because of a small screw…

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