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Astrid Lindgrens värld

Travel Posted on 30 Oct, 2011 14:35:55

For the second time we visited the world of Astrid Lindgren and the children had a lot of fun. It was a little cold since the autumn is here, but a lot cheaper than going during the summertime.

High Chaparral

Travel Posted on 23 Aug, 2011 20:51:12

We took the kids to a western theme park, where they had a lot of fun. Neo really enjoyed getting robbed on a train, while Joxer watched Lucky Luke catching the Dalton brothers.

Parken Zoo

Travel Posted on 16 Jul, 2011 19:47:09

This year’s trip to Parken Zoo, an animal park in Eskilstuna, was abundant with cats. Much to Joxer’s enjoyment.


Travel Posted on 19 Jun, 2011 10:21:34

The kids have wanted to go to Legoland for a long time. This year we surprised them and went on a car trip that turned into a boat trip and then into a trip to Legoland.

We stayed at the Legoland Hotel and spent two whole days in Legoland, trying out most of the rides. Needless to say, the kids had a lot of fun!

Kolmårdens djurpark

Travel Posted on 19 Jun, 2011 09:48:17

Once a year we try to visit the animal park at Kolmården. This year it was a bit cold, but still fun.

Astrid Lindgrens värld

Travel Posted on 07 Nov, 2010 16:48:50

It took us ten years, but eventually we got around to visit the world of Astrid Lindgren. It’s only half an hour from where we live. smiley

It was a pretty cold and windy day but still very nice and the kids had a lot of things to explore. Neo fell asleep as soon as we came outside the gates, totally exhausted…


Travel Posted on 04 Aug, 2010 10:33:16

Last weekend we visited a harvest festival where the children could see farm animals, farm vehicles, and jump into a big pile of hay.

Tropikhuset, Borås

Travel Posted on 04 Aug, 2010 10:23:28

In Borås we visited Tropikhuset, where we looked at snakes, spiders, lizards and turtles.

Borås djurpark

Travel Posted on 04 Aug, 2010 10:17:25

Last weekend we went to our third animal park this summer; Borås djurpark. We went there together with my oldest sister and her family. It rained all day but it was still nice and the kids had a lot of fun.

Parken Zoo, Eskilstuna

Travel Posted on 09 Jul, 2010 10:33:13

The second zoo we’ve visited this summer. This one had a small amusement park as well which the children really enjoyed.

Många Jutström intog Kolmården

Travel Posted on 24 Jun, 2010 20:39:54

I helgen kom min lillebror på besök med fru och barn. Vi passade på att besöka Kolmården och dess intilliggande akvarium.

Med fem grabbar mellan två och sju så var det inte en lugn stund, men de verkade ha roligt så det räckte och blev över.

Air show

Travel Posted on 14 Jun, 2010 22:33:36

The Swedish Armed Forces arranged a public air show in Linköping last weekend. It turned out to really, really be Neo’s cup of tea. He was so excited he could burst. His favourites were the helicopter and he kept repeating that word over and over and over…


Travel Posted on 04 Jun, 2010 18:48:38

I went on a business trip to Kiruna this week. As I and Jenny first met there and later got married in Jukkasjärvi (which is located a couple of miles outside of Kiruna) it was interesting to be back, ten years later. I had some free time so I visited our school, the church in which we got married, and some other places.


Travel Posted on 24 Jul, 2009 19:13:01

Now we have come home from a five day vacation in Stockholm. We have seen a lot of stuff and had a lot of fun.

Monday: Drove to Stockholm and then we went to the castle and had a look at the royal treasure chamber.

Tuesday: We went and saw the royal ship “Vasa”, went to an aquarium, visited “Gröna lund” (an amusement park) and lastly went to a second aquarium.

Wednesday: We visited the natural history museum, the technical museum and the police museum. We also went to “Kaknästornet”, where we ate a very nice dinner.

Thursday: Shopping! And we met Jenny’s cousin Erik (and his girlfriend and son), who was visiting Sweden (he usually lives in Australia).

Friday: Some more shopping and then travelled home.