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School photo

Kids Posted on 03 Oct, 2011 20:00:08

Joxer’s 3rd grade school photo.

Daycare photo

Kids Posted on 03 Oct, 2011 19:58:44

Neo managed to paint himself with a marker pen prior to getting his photo taken.

New bike

Kids Posted on 23 Aug, 2011 20:30:14

Joxer has grown a lot during the last year, so it was time for a new bike.

Horse riding

Kids Posted on 23 Aug, 2011 20:28:19

During our vacation the kids got to try out horse riding. Neo really enjoyed it!

pasta, pasta, pasta…

Kids Posted on 02 Aug, 2011 18:00:54

Can you tell that Neo really, really LOVES pasta!?!smiley

End of the second year

Kids Posted on 19 Jun, 2011 10:14:20

Joxer has now made it through his second year of school. Time flies.


Kids Posted on 01 Apr, 2011 20:24:24

Today I took the boys to a local café, needless to say they were thrilled.

When snow melts, water emerge

Kids Posted on 29 Mar, 2011 20:37:29

And kids can’t resist water… smiley

Neo is a zombie

Kids Posted on 21 Feb, 2011 11:02:01


My boys and their toys

Kids Posted on 21 Feb, 2011 10:41:57

Daycare photo

Kids Posted on 28 Nov, 2010 19:04:03

The photographer they had at Neo’s daycare this year took lots of photos and you could order your favourite ones. Neo also got to bring his favourite toy to have in some of the pictures and as you can see the result was great:

Happy kids

Kids Posted on 20 Oct, 2010 21:25:46


Kids Posted on 20 Oct, 2010 21:24:22

The world according to Neo

Kids Posted on 20 Oct, 2010 21:22:41

Neo got hold of our camera one day. This is the result:

Joxer’s 2nd grade photo

Kids Posted on 29 Sep, 2010 21:39:41

This is Joxer’s school photo for this year. He forgot to bring home the paper that told us what date he was going to be photographed and didn’t mention it at all. We didn’t even find out that they had done the photo shoot till days after it had already happened. This picture therefore shows Joxer just the he is; with the clothes he picked himself and his hair in a huge mess.smiley


Kids Posted on 04 Aug, 2010 10:05:09

Sometimes children can be of use… smiley


Kids Posted on 09 Jul, 2010 09:39:54

Some years ago Joxer got an electric motorcycle from his grandparents. It’s too small for him now, but Neo found it and really likes it.

Soccer training

Kids Posted on 09 Jul, 2010 09:36:54

This summer Joxer went to a week of soccer training (just to try it out). He enjoyed it while it lasted but hasn’t talked about it since, so I guess he won’t become a soccer pro.

School’s out for summer

Kids Posted on 14 Jun, 2010 22:26:31

Another school year has come to an end and just as last year the kids got to march down the main street, flanked by a cheering crowd. It is easy to tell that they are truly enjoying themselves.

Summer parties

Kids Posted on 29 May, 2010 19:06:58

The summer is drawing near and most activities are ending for the season.

There has been summer parties for both the open daycare that Neo visits and Joxer’s class.

Neo is looking at soap bubbles at the open daycare’s summer ending party.

Joxer’s class had their summer party at Klinten, an old farm in the middle of the woods. We all had a picknick and watched the kids sing and play. Throwing pebbles into the lake proved to be the most fun of all.

New glasses

Kids Posted on 18 May, 2010 11:49:18

Neo got his new glasses yesterday. When he saw himself in the mirror for the first time he burst out laughing…smiley


Kids Posted on 18 May, 2010 11:44:59

Last weekend we visited a flea market in Aneby.

Joxer was all over the climbing frame he found on the playground and Neo remembered that he hates to get dirty smiley

Neo likes computers

Kids Posted on 12 May, 2010 21:57:49

Neo has recently found out how a computer mouse works and now takes any chance he can get to play with a computer. He is getting really good at starting and closing programs and at making a mess of all settings. smiley

Soap bubbles

Kids Posted on 04 May, 2010 11:42:08

Joxer has shown Neo how to make soap bubbles. He was a good teacher and Neo is now making bubbles like a pro.

Joxer and his bike

Kids Posted on 04 May, 2010 11:23:10

Joxer has now learnt to ride his bike and he is so proud he could burst.


Joxer’s big day

Kids Posted on 24 Apr, 2010 12:22:46

Our garrison had open house today and Joxer really enjoyed himself.

First we visited daddy, who demonstrated the water-cutting equipment and then he got to ride in a military vehicle all by himself. After that he wanted to see the military divers in the local river. It all ended with a hamburger cooked in one of the canteens. All in all a good day. smiley


Neo is tired – again!

Kids Posted on 15 Apr, 2010 17:25:04

Neo sings Manboy

Kids Posted on 15 Apr, 2010 17:14:28

This is Neo’s version of Joxer’s favourite song.


And here is the original:


A tired Neo

Kids Posted on 09 Apr, 2010 20:31:38

When Neo is tired he can sleep anywhere and yesterday he proved it by falling alseep standing against the sofa.

Neo utside

Kids Posted on 09 Apr, 2010 20:29:37

Neo really, really loves that the snow has gone away from our garden.

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