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TV Posted on 29 Apr, 2012 12:17:47


Ett passagerarflygplan störtar på en tropisk ö och de överlevande tror att de snabbt ska bli räddade. Men efter ett tag inser de att ön de hamnat på inte låter sig hittas så lätt. De inser också att de inte är ensamma på ön och att öns andra invånare är fientligt inställda.

Nu har vi tagit oss igenom alla sex säsongerna av Lost. De första fyra säsongerna är spännande och håller en i ett fast grepp. Därefter blir det en massa tidsresor och parallella universum och jag förlorade snabbt intresset. Serien var helt ok så länge den varade, men jag kommer inte att titta på den igen.

The IT crowd

TV Posted on 01 Jan, 2011 18:34:01


A series about the IT department at a large corporation. The IT department is being run by a dynamic go-getter, a genius, a man from Ireland, and a goth. And they all have their special problems.

A great comedy series that has become one of my all-time favourites. Have only just watched the last episode and I want to start over again right away…

The DVD menus are also nice, you actually watch them!

The big bang theory – Season two

TV Posted on 26 Apr, 2010 14:53:10


The second season of this series is just as entertaining as the first one was.

Little Britain (Series one)

TV Posted on 25 Oct, 2009 17:36:37

I’ve heard a lot of people saying that this is one of the best comedy series ever. I have to disagree – it’s full of boring jokes, very repetitive, and hardly ever funny. If you like predictable jokes this is the comedy series for you, otherwise stay away from it.

Red Dwarf – Back to Earth

TV Posted on 04 Aug, 2009 18:26:01

Red Dwarf is back! This time the crew winds up in our time and realize that they are just characters in a TV show. Now they must find their creator and stop the TV show from being cancelled or they will cease to exist.

Three continuous episodes which have some funny moments, but they are not as funny as the previous eight seasons (of which seasons 4-7 are the best).

The big bang theory – Season one

TV Posted on 30 Jul, 2009 22:29:34

Now we’ve watched the whole first season of “The big bang theory” on DVD. It is a very charming TV series and it fits us perfectly. We may not be as big nerds as the characters in the TV series, but we still can relate to cool action figures, movie memorabilia and science. smiley

The big bang theory

TV Posted on 02 Jul, 2009 09:51:57

Recently I’ve started to watch a comedy series called “The big bang theory”. It’s about four well-educated guys (“nerds”) that struggle to impress the opposite sex and to fit into the “normal” world.

It’s not the funniest series out there, but it’s very charming and you recognise yourself in some aspects. Well, I do. smiley

My favourite scene so far is when they are going to help the neighbour assemble a TV shelf from IKEA. They end up discussing equipment cooling and run off to buy aluminium to build a heat sink before even beginning to assemble the furniture. It reminds me of when we had a gang of engineers over at our old apartment and they almost disassembled our candy bowl – just to find out how it works (it makes a noise when you try to take some candy).

Top gear – Season 13

TV Posted on 22 Jun, 2009 20:03:40

Yes! The new season started up yesterday and now we can look forward to weeks of motor mayhem. Now I’m just hoping that they will drive at least one Ferrari this season.