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Living Posted on 20 Feb, 2011 22:32:36

Last week we went to a nearby waterfall, called ‘Stalpet’. It was really beautiful with lots of ice covering parts of it.

Resident evil: Afterlife

Movies Posted on 20 Feb, 2011 15:07:37


Alice is back and is taking her revenge on the Umbrella Corporation. Unfortunately this corporation just won’t quit and she soon discovers another of their secrets; experiments on humans that have survived the zombie onslaught. Now she has to find out why and stop them.

The fourth movie in the ‘Resident evil’ series and it contains lots of nicely filmed action. Not as good as the previous two, but well worth seeing. And the re-introduction of Jill Valentine in the closing credits was wonderful – already looking forward to the next movie.

The last airbender

Movies Posted on 20 Feb, 2011 14:59:21


100 years ago, the Avatar disappeared and the Fire Nation began to conquer the world. Now the Avatar, a small boy named Aang, has returned but he is untrained and still not capable of using all his powers. He now has to travel to the Water Nation to get training but the Fire Nation is searching for him…

Based on on of Joxer’s favourite TV shows, this was a decent action movie. Made for kids, so the fight scenes were a bit soft – too bad, it could have been a great movie if it had gone ‘all out’.

Rupert Morgan – Let there be lite

Books Posted on 20 Feb, 2011 12:38:01


We get to follow a journalist, a politician, the politician’s wife, a bank manager, an astronaut, and the world’s richest man as they try to cope in a changing world. A world where technology is about to change everything – the trouble is that noone knows if it is for the better or the worse.

A book that had its funny moments but didn’t manage to keep it up all the way.

Infologix Abstractor was that program. It could summarize any document to the length desired, depending on the time a person could afford to devote it. At full, 100 per cent setting, it could cut almost anything down to one sentence.

Naturally some of the subleties got lost in the process. One day a college professor had tested Abstractor’s capabilities to the limit by feeding it with the entire Old Testament of the Holy Book. He set the program to 100 per cent reduction and waited. Ten hours later, having examined everything the ancient texts had to offer in the way of wisdom and philosophy, the computer produced its notorious conclusion:

‘Because I say so, that’s why.’

Ocean’s thirteen

Movies Posted on 20 Feb, 2011 12:35:49


When an old friend get swindled out of all his money Danny Ocean once again gathers his gang and starts planning for the con of their lives.

An ok movie, but with a con story too unbelievable to take seriously.

Edwin Corley – Sargasso

Books Posted on 20 Feb, 2011 12:34:14


Apollo 19 lands, empty, in the Sargasso Sea. What has happened to the astronauts and why do so many ships and planes go missing in the same area?

An ok book. It wasn’t a boring read, but as soon as the last page was turned the story left my mind.

Southland tales

Movies Posted on 20 Feb, 2011 12:32:09


Los Angeles 2008.

Time travel, terrorism, action heroes with amnesia and the end of the world is just a few things that happen in this movie.

An interesting story, but it didn’t really keep together.

Dorian Gray

Movies Posted on 20 Feb, 2011 12:30:28


Dorian Gray is a young, and very beautiful, man who sell his soul to stay this way. Instead of him ever aging his portrait changes in his place. Because his lifestyle will never show on his appearance he turns into a condescending, selfish and cold man who cares nothing for other people and will do anything to get what he wants.

Quite boring and felt a bit too long. I recall liking the book better, as is most often the case.


Movies Posted on 20 Feb, 2011 12:29:03


A story about battle re-enactments, Star Trek fans, outsiders and love.

I liked this movie – it was funny, sad and sweet at the same time.


Movies Posted on 20 Feb, 2011 12:27:29


Four teenage boys carry a big secret; they are warlocks, with great supernatural powers. When a fifth warlock suddenly appears they have to work together and fight for their loved ones.

Boring and stupid.

Old Dogs

Movies Posted on 20 Feb, 2011 12:25:40


Dan is a middle-aged businessman who is just about to close the deal of his lifetime. Out of the blue he gets a phone call from a woman he met, for one special night, several years earlier. She lets him know that he is the father of seven year old twins and that she needs him to take care of them for a couple of weeks. How will he and his business partner deal with the new responsibility and will they be able to close the deal with two children running amok at the office?

Lots of good actors but the story didn’t really catch my interest.

Drillbit Taylor

Movies Posted on 20 Feb, 2011 12:04:26


Three kids have trouble with bullies at their school and decide to hire a bodyguard. The only one they can afford is Drillbit Taylor – a former soldier. Will he be able to stop the bullies?

Charming and funny movie.

In the loop

Movies Posted on 20 Feb, 2011 11:48:40


Simon Foster is a British minister that mistakenly makes a statement that can be interpreted as if he is supporting a war. Now he finds himself in the middle of high politics, with everyone trying to tell him what to say and do. And no matter what he does it goes wrong.

Another movie with a cover filled with great reviews, which means that it was crap. Not funny for a moment, just a lot of people swearing at each other.

The wolfman

Movies Posted on 20 Feb, 2011 11:34:58


Lawrence Talbot returns to his hometown after his brother is brutally killed. While he is trying to find out what happened to his brother he gets attack by some beast and barely escapes with his life. And when the moon rises he finds out that he has been cursed and now he himself becomes a beast.

A dark tale about men and beasts (or are they the same?)

American Pie – The book of love

Movies Posted on 20 Feb, 2011 10:59:50


Some guys, desperately trying to loose their virginity, find “The book of love”. This book describes the best ways to pick up women and how to satisfy them. Unfortunately the book has been water-damaged and is hard to read. And this leads from one awkward situation to another…

The seventh movie in the ‘American Pie’ series and it delivers what you would expect:
– embarrassing sexual situations
– moral dilemmas
– naked boobs

A perfect getaway

Movies Posted on 20 Feb, 2011 10:46:52


A young couple on their honeymoon joins up with another couple as they travel on a tropical island. After a while they hear rumours that there are some murderers loose on the island; a woman and a man. Can it be the couple they are travelling with?

This movie had a very nice twist, but unfortunately the twist didn’t really fit in with the rest of the story. Too bad, because if it had, the movie would have been so much better…