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Family & friends Posted on 04 Aug, 2010 10:40:11

I påskas öppnade min mor en liten butik i Skurup. Tyvärr så har vi inte haft möjlighet att besöka den förrän förra helgen.

Om ni har vägarna förbi Skurup så ta er gärna en titt.


Travel Posted on 04 Aug, 2010 10:33:16

Last weekend we visited a harvest festival where the children could see farm animals, farm vehicles, and jump into a big pile of hay.

Tropikhuset, Borås

Travel Posted on 04 Aug, 2010 10:23:28

In Borås we visited Tropikhuset, where we looked at snakes, spiders, lizards and turtles.

Borås djurpark

Travel Posted on 04 Aug, 2010 10:17:25

Last weekend we went to our third animal park this summer; Borås djurpark. We went there together with my oldest sister and her family. It rained all day but it was still nice and the kids had a lot of fun.


Kids Posted on 04 Aug, 2010 10:05:09

Sometimes children can be of use… smiley

Thomas Emson – Skarlet

Books Posted on 04 Aug, 2010 09:55:15


28 people die at a London nightclub. A few days later they are gone. More killings take place and soon a war is ravaging London. Vampires are on the loose!

The first part of a trilogy – a fast-paced and violent book. I found it a bit messy and confusing at times though, too many characters and places to keep track on.