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Blade runner – The final cut

Movies Posted on 27 Jul, 2009 23:15:53

This is a movie I saw a long time ago and I didn’t remember much of it. But it is often mentioned as a classic so we decided to give it a try (again) – especially as it was the “final cut” (which is the fifth version of the movie according to a movie magazine I read).

The movie takes place in the future and is about an agent that hunts “replicants”, i.e. genetically engineered humans used for dangerous work. They are however not allowed to roam free and when they escape they are hunted with deadly force. Four dangerous replicants have escaped and our agent is on their case, but they have an agenda of their own…

A boring movie without any big surprises. The agent just hunts down the rogue replicants one after the other and then it is over.


Fun Posted on 27 Jul, 2009 20:22:49

My lasting impression from Star Trek Voyager as well. smiley