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Kids Posted on 23 Jun, 2009 20:18:40

Joxer is attending summer swim school and today he was able to get the “guldgrodan” swimming badge and he is so proud he could burst. smiley

To get guldgrodan you must jump from the edge of the swimming pool, get your head under water and retrieve an object from the shallow end of the pool. You must also be able to swim 10 meters in deep water.

Dean Koontz – The husband

Books Posted on 23 Jun, 2009 19:57:02

A gardener gets a phone call telling him that his wife has been kidnapped and will be killed if he doesn’t come up with the two million dollar ransom. When he tries to explain that he has no chance of getting that kind of money the reply he gets is “You’ll find a way…”

A quite exiting story that was somewhat different from the books Koontz normally writes. This time the hero was not a former military/police/fighter but an ordinary human being pushed to his limit.

In the news

Work Posted on 23 Jun, 2009 15:25:11

Now the news of my book can be found on SWEDEC’s homepage: Färsk handbok i ammunitionslära