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Kids Posted on 22 Jun, 2009 20:58:28

Today neo visited his eye specialist again. At his first visit, at nine month of age, we were told that Neo was more long-sighted than is normal in children his age but that she hoped he would grow out of it. The same thing was said at his 1-year check-up but today she gave up and prescribed glasses.

The whole family went to the optician to pick out Neo’s new glasses and we decided on a pair with Bamse on the frame. He will look so cute! We will add a picture when he gets the glasses next week.

Top gear – Season 13

TV Posted on 22 Jun, 2009 20:03:40

Yes! The new season started up yesterday and now we can look forward to weeks of motor mayhem. Now I’m just hoping that they will drive at least one Ferrari this season.

Men in black

Movies Posted on 22 Jun, 2009 19:32:01

Yesterday we saw “Men in black” for what must be the fifth time, but for the first time in high definition. It looked really good, was as fun as always and Jenny still laughs at the “The best of the best of the best” part.

All in all, a relaxing end to an all too busy long weekend.