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Kiss while your lips are still red

Music Posted on 11 Jun, 2009 23:06:44

I’ve become totally hooked on Nightwish’s song “Kiss while your lips are still red”. In my opinion it’s one of the best ballads ever made, if not the best. The only other songs that come close are “Mad World” by Michael Andrews, “Leaving you for me” by Martin Kesici, “Ohne dich” and “Stirb nicht vor mir (Don’t die before I do)” by Rammstein and “Where the wild roses grow” by Nick Cave.


In print

Work Posted on 11 Jun, 2009 20:27:04

Today my book about ammunition was, if all went well, printed. I have been out of town on excersises all week so I don’t know if this is the case yet, but hopefully…

Next week I will finally have a printed volume in my hand. I can’t wait!

End of school

Kids Posted on 11 Jun, 2009 16:38:01

Today was Joxer’s last day in school and he will now have summer holidays for ten long weeks – he couldn’t be happier!

The school marched trough town, led on by a marching band and a cheering crowd. At church they sang a few songs, listened to a very slow-talking priest and then went outside to say goodbye to friends and teachers. All the children got flowers from their teachers and relatives (I didn’t know that children that young got flowers when they left school so I had to run and buy one before Joxer got to church smiley).